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Balloon Bubble, Centerpiece & Ceiling Decor
Balloonatics creates custom decorations that complement and communicate your event theme. Balloons are visual globes of color that lend themselves beautifully to a variety of decorative themes. We use balloons and a variety of other materials to create colorful jewels, floating crystals, imaginative centerpieces. Your imagination is the only limit to making your celebration unique and memorable. The photos in these galleries show a variety of the custom bubble decorations, centerpieces and ceiling decorations we have created for events of all kinds.
Balloon Bubble Decorations
Balloons bubbles lead the viewer's eye to a venue, mark focal areas such as a head table, create imaginative table centerpieces, and visually unify decor in large venues. They are a very cost-effective event decoration.
  • Giant Orange bubble decorations used to visually unify decor in a large tent venue Floating area bubble decorations
  • 30 inch yellow translucent bubble floating 8' above the venue floor with matching decorative collar and streamers Floating jewel bubble decoration
  • 30 inch floating bubble balloons flanking entry stairs Arena entry bubbles decoration
  • Red and blue 30 inch balloons floating on 8' ribbons serving as area decoration in the arena seating area Arena area decorations
  • Giant floating bubble decorations using clear, gold, silver and black balloons for a formal event Formal decor bubbles decoration
  • Red and Blue floating bubbles carry the event color them through out the venue "Blue & Red"-themed decorations
  • Clear bubble balloons with smaller pink balloons inside serving as centerpieces for an Easter event Centerpiece bubbles decoration
  • 30 inch crystal clear giant bubble balloons with smaller crystal collar balloons Crystal bubbles decoration
Centerpiece Decor
Balloonatics designer centerpieces can enhance the character or theme of your gathering, adding beauty and content to your memorable event. We can create unique centerpieces that are central to your theme.
  • Carnival style centerpiece created with ting ting and feathers Carnival feathers centerpiece
  • Cirque style Happy Birthday centerpiece "Cirque"-style birthday party centerpiece
  • This Balloonatics baseball-themed centrpiece has a giant baseball balloon on top of a stqnd decorated in twisting balloons in team colors. Sports-themed centerpieces
  • An inverted top hat with full house hand of cards for a casino event "A Full House" centerpiece
  • 20 inch balloons in sorbet colors sit on 14 inch tall glass vases filled with sand matching the color of the balloons.  Lighting in the bases gives a radiating glowing color. Sorbet centerpieces
  • This orange and yellow balloon centerpiece gives a surreal hiot modern look to this event. Lava-Flows decor centerpiece
  • A wedding theme centerpiece with a cluster of mini balloon hearts and a dove Hearts with dove wedding centerpiece
  • Gold and pearl latex bqlloons floating above a gold colored urn base "Golden Urn" buffet centerpiece
Ceiling Decor
Our balloon artists can transform your occasion, party, or venue with unique decorative balloon art suspended from the ceiling to reflect your event theme.
  • Red and green Holiday Ornament balloons suspended from the ceiling throughout a venue Holiday ornaments decor
  • 30 inch pearl colored balloons suspended from a venue ceiling Pearl bubbles decor
  • Ceiling bubble decoration for a car dealer sales event Auto sales ceiling decor
  • Giant cloud ceiling decoration with white, clear and silver balloons Cloud cluster decor
  • Red and gold fireburst cluster ceiling decoration Fireburst cluster ceiling decor
  • Hot pink ceiling bubbles for a Mitzvah event Hot pink ceiling bubbles decor for a mitzvah
  • Gold and Silver Fireburst ceiling decorations Gold and silver fireburst ceiling decor
  • This 30 inch classic black bomb deocration complete with Big Bang ceiling decoration
  • Snowflake balloons suspended throught a venue for a ceiling decoration Snowflakes ceiling decor
  • Tulle streamers lined with sparkle lights radiating out from a center balloon cluster Lighted tulle streamers ceiling decoration
  • Mylar star balloons suspended throught a venue for a ceiling decoration Starry night ceiling decoration
  • Giant lighted Olympic ring sculpture suspended from the venue ceiling for a corporate competition event Olympic rings ceiling decoration