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Balloon Arches, Garlands & Columns
Balloonatics creates custom decorations that complement and communicate your event theme. Balloons are visual globes of color that lend themselves beautifully to decorative themes. We create anything from colorful jewels, arches, and floating crystals, to imaginative character sculptures. Your imagination is the only limit in making your celebration unique and memorable. The photos in the galleries below show a variety of balloon decorations we can create and customize for every occasion and theme.
Balloon Arches
Balloon arches create striking bands of color that can grab attention, focus energy and add a festive spirit to events. They can also serve as visual boundaries transforming venues into a variety of themes, and frame stages, entrances, and commercial booths.
  • This 40 foot tall string-of-pearls style balloon arch is constructed in rainbow colors from equally spaced single balloons to visually carry the eye skyward. Rainbow "String-of-Pearls"-style arch
  • This series of packed style balloon arches are placed through the concourse at a San Francisco convention to act as visual guides between venues for convention guests Concourse arches
  • Swirled packed air balloon arch framing the entrance to an event venue "Entrance frame" arch for a venue
  • This packed style balloon arch in the colors of the rainbow was part of a grave side memorial service Memorial service arch
  • This playful balloon arch suspending an inverted clown was a decoration at a trade show "Circus Theme" arch
  • This 80 foot arch of balloon clusters frames a performance in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Balloon cluster style performance framing arch
  • These string-of-pearls syyle balloon arches float over an escalator at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel to provide a visual pathway leadin g guests to an event in the ballrooms Pathway "String-of-Pearls" arches
  • Outdoor Wedding White Bubble Balloon Arch Outdoor wedding "Bubble Arch"
  • Balloon arches float over a swimming pool as part of the decroation for a yard party Swimming pool decor arches
  • Arch at entrance to the Pagoda Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel Restaurant entrance arch
  • Party Name Arch "Name" arch
  • These balloon arches floating over the swimming pool have giant balloon baby pacifiers in the middle for an outdoor baby shower event "Pacifier Arches" for poolside baby shower
Balloon Garland Decor
Balloon garlands, like arches, create striking bands of color that focus attention and energy. Air-filled balloon garlands can last for days, and excel at providing visual boundary decorations in larger venues that span long distances.
  • Garlands of white, clear and silver latex balloons spaning the San Jose, Ca. arena in spoke-like pattern to create the perception of a giant tent for guests at a corporate event on the arena floor. Arena garlands
  • Garlands of gold, silver, white and clear balloons decorating the main entrance to the San Jose Fairmont Hotel for New Year's eve. Garlands for Fairmont Hotel grand entrance
  • Garlands of 18 inch red, emerald green, gold and blue shiny mylar balloons radiate out from the center of the ceiling to decorate this Mardi Gras-themed event. "Mardi Gras" themed event garlands
  • Garlands of silver, pink and burgundy balloons flank the fireplace in a private residence. "Garlands decorating a firplace for a private party
  • Garlands of quartz purple and lilac latex balloons are used to create a giant octopus suspended from the ceiling for a sea-themed event. "Garlands used to create an octopus for a sea theme event
Balloon Columns
Balloon columns come in many colors and designs. They serve in various decoration roles: accenting entrances, flanking presentation areas, and carrying color themes through large venues.
  • Serpentine-style balloon columns decorating exterior lights Serpentine-style columns as an exterior decoration
  • Balloon columns in team colors flanking an information table for a Giants baseball event Information table flanking decoration columns
  • balloon columns for a basketball theme event "Basketball"-themed columns
  • Custom designed beehive balloon columns for a childrens' event "Beehive" columns
  • Column of gold, red and black balloons shaped like a candle complete with a gold colored mylar balloon flame "Candle" columns
  • Seven-foot tall columns of swirled red, white and black latex balloons topped by playing card mylar balloons for a casino theme event "Playing Card" columns
  • A seven-foot tall column of swirled red, white and black latex balloons topped by a combination of mylar dice and playing card balloons for a casino party "Casino Games" columns
  • Casino greeter type columntopped by a large face balloon Casino event "Greeter" columns
  • Columns of swirled white, gold, and black balloons topped by giant gold balloons flank the entrance driveway and anchor an arch suspended over the drive for a New Year event Entrance columns for a New Year event
  • Fifty foot tall columns of swirled red, white and blue columns flank a flagpole for a July 4th event "Flagpole"-flanking columns
  • Column created from gold balloons in a tappered design to look like a torch for an outdoor event "Torch"-style column
  • Columns serving as a background for a grand piano for a formal event at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel Background columns for a grand piano
  • Column designed to look like a lighthouse for a theme event "Lighthouse"-themed column
  • Multi-colored column with a cheerful jelly bean look Colorful "Jelly Bean" column